Police officers are public servants. So why is it that when we get pulled over on a public road the police officer will demand we show a drivers license and registration. Under our constitution by law despite what law enforcement will tell us, we have the right to travel in our personal vehicles not a privilege. Driver in our constitution is defined as someone who makes income on the highways. We don't need to have a drivers license to travel in your car. These so called law enforcement officers don't know the law. If you get pulled over for no license plate and or no drivers license and you get arrested the officers have kidnapped you and stolen your car and they should be in jail. The only authority we have over us is god not some one who we pay out of our tax dollars. If any law enforcement officers are reading this I invite you to dispute my claims under our constitution and past supreme court rulings. Next time you get pulled over tell the officer you are traveling a right not a privilege. Crooked revenue making government!!!!!!

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