Recommended Reading-


The More Complete Chondro

By Greg Maxwell

© December 1, 2005  Eco Herpetological Publishing & Distribution/Greg Maxwel


Green Tree Python Husbandry - The Basics

By Matt Morris and David Newman – Can be found at the following link.


Green Tree Pythons - Great gtp information.


The Green Tree Python Owners Manual

 by Rico Walder


The Green Tree Python and Emerald Tree Boa: Care, Breeding and Natural History

 by Ron Kivit , Stephen Wiseman, Andreas Kirschner  

Second Extended Edition  – ©December 31, 2005


Adventures in Green Python Country 

by Karl-Heinz Switak- © January 1, 2006 - Very hard to find


Pythons of the World Vol. 1

 by David and Tracy Barker

©January 1, 1994 


Complete Carpet Python - A Comprehensive Guide to the Natural History, Care, and Breeding of the 'Morelia spilota' Complex - by Nick Mutton and Justin Julander (PhD ) – ©September 1, 2011


Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons

By Mike Swan– © March 10, 2007

Understanding Reptile Parasites: A Basic Manual for Herpetoculturists & Veterinarians

by Roger Klingenberg (Herpetocultural Library - Special) ©June 1, 1997

What’s wrong with my Snake?

By John Rossi DVM,MA – © February 15, 2007(Advanced Vivarium Systems)

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