PureGreen24 -

This is a relatively new non-toxic disinfecting product. It has an EPA IV toxicity rating; the lowest rating assigned by the Federal EPA. It is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and odorless without the fumes or skin irritation associated with traditional disinfectants. It is strong enough to kill the most dangerous viruses (Norovirus) and bacteria (MRSA) in a hospital environment, yet EPA registered for use on children’s toys at home.

 In one form or another, silver and its compounds have long been used as antimicrobial agents. The most important silver compound currently in use is silver sulfadiazine (AgSD), although silver metal, silver acetate, silver nitrate, and silver protein, all of which have antimicrobial properties, are listed in Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia. In recent years, silver compounds have been used to prevent the infection of burns and some eye infections and to destroy warts.


Silver has antimicrobial properties, but compounds suitable for disinfection are usually unstable and have a limited shelf-life. Silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC) is a chelated form of silver that maintains its stability  PureGreen 24’s active ingredient, SDC, is comprised of silver ions and citric acid.  It is non-toxic, non-caustic, colorless, odorless, and tasteless, and does not produce toxic fumes. The United States Environmental Protection Agency classifies it into the lowest toxicity category for disinfectants, category IV. PureGreen24 contains no alcohol, bleach or other toxic ingredients.


Modes of Action - SDC kills microorganisms by two modes of action: 1) the silver ion deactivates structural and metabolic membrane proteins, leading to microbial death; 2) the microbes view SDC as a food source, allowing the silver ion to enter the microbe. Once inside the organism, the silver ion denatures the DNA, which halts the microbe's ability to replicate, leading to its death. This dual action makes SDC highly and quickly effective against a broad spectrum of microbes. http://www.puregreen24.com/






Cost – This product is a great non-toxic disinfectant but it is premixed, not concentrated, which makes it a little expensive to use.


1 gallon - Starting around  $40.00


 When cleaning enclosures, perches or water bowls, you should never have a strong odor of chemicals after you clean. If you do, rise it out and wipe it down until the smell goes away before placing your animal back in the cage.

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