3. Things To Avoid In GTP Enclosures

Screen Tops

Screen tops allow excessive loss of heat and humidity, and the wire screen can cause abrasions to an animal’s nose and head while exploring or cruising.

Any Kind of Tape

Tape used to hold wires, probes, artificial plants, etc. should always be avoided. GTP’s have thin skin that easily adheres to tape and can be very difficult to remove without causing injury.

Exposed Heat Sources

Exposed heat sources, such as ceramic bulbs, heat tape, or heat pads can cause severe burns and death. These types of heating elements should always be situated outside of the cage itself. The one notable exception is a radiant heat panel.

Some Substrates

Substrates with strong odors, such as pine or cedar, are not recommended. Also, pine is known to release gases that may be hazardous to your chondro’s health.

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