7. Thermostat Probe Placement

The placement of a thermostat probe is crucial. Using top heat as an example, the probe would need to be situated somewhere underneath the heat source and close to the level of the highest perch. Ideally the probe would measure air temps at the centermost point of the hot spot (directly under the heat source at perch level). But this isn’t practical unless the probe was secured to the perch itself. This isn’t recommended since the snake is likely to perch on the probe and interfere with feedback to the thermostat.

Because the probe will be offset from the centermost point of the hot spot, you will need to evaluate your chondro’s surface temp while basking and make adjustments to the settings on the thermostat. For example, the probe might be situated to one side of the heat source, slightly above the perch, with the thermostat set at 86. Remember that the thermostat will regulate heat output as determined by the temperature measured at the location of the probe. In this example, maintaining a temp of 86 (off to one side of the heat source) might equate to a hot spot of 92 directly under the source. In this case it would be necessary to lower the set point on the thermostat until a hot spot of 86-88 was achieved.

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