The Morelia Viridis Forum,MVF , was created to share what we like best about our animals.....looking at them and enjoying the hobby with others. All should be accepted and given equal credit and consideration. Veteran breeder's and keeper's techniques are always respected and greatly appreciated as well as observations from first time owners, or even those thinking about taking on their first animal. Since experience level is irrelevant in making observation everyone's input is important and welcome. Feel free to express yourself openly in your own way.
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Cage Perch Design? (topic)
Hey gang, I have a request for you guys regarding perch design. For many years now my arboreal cages have been designed using plastic rod holders for perches. Although this design works well, I would like to try something new for some...
Morelia Viridis Forum

Darren Hamill

04/06/15 19:46:23
Quick Perch Question (topic)
For those of you that use PVC Perches, Does anyone rought them up slightly with sandpaper or something?  I am thinking not only would that give better traction but might be better than such a smooth contact for the skin. thanks justin
Morelia Viridis Forum


03/21/15 00:20:43
More eggs. Update: mold  (topic)
So my Skyy x Topaz girl decided to lay her eggs from her perch today. I caught her in the process but she already had 18 eggs out. She dropped 5 more after that. All appear fertile. I got them all in the incubator, but I'm wondering...
Morelia Viridis Forum

Colin Guiley

01/18/13 07:21:26