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Baldur x Ira (topic)
These animals from my recent clutch are ready for new homes. Lineage includes Calico, New Blue and Jaya.VC-17-01VC-17-05VC-17-06VC-17-07Sire MSBB0913:Dam WPB1208.3:Contact me if interested for more informations and pricing vcernoch at...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Vita Cernoch

05/23/17 22:46:22
2014 Calico/Dream x Biak Female (Sold) (topic)
Sire and Dam aboveBreeder: Rolando "Rolo" Burgos Sire: Calico/Dream   Dam- Rico Biak  Sex- Female Hatch Date- 2014 Hatch Color - Yellow Price- $900.00 Tame and perfect in every way! I accept many different forms of payment and offer...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


06/26/16 22:08:53
GRR1416 - 2 Year Old OSHY/Lemontree x Calico Probable Female (topic)
This beautiful creature is the only holdback from my 2014 Lucille x Dupree pairing (4/16/2014) that was a yellow neonate.  This is a OSHY/Lemontree dam to a Calico OC sire.  I expect this girl to end up as a high yellow, but it is still...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


02/21/16 23:46:00
SOLD, Thanks MVF! 2014 OS HY/Lemontree x Calico (topic)
These three have sold - thanks MVF!  I may be offering more from this clutch, so email me if you are interested in potentially acquiring a holdback:  ed at grreptile dot comHappy New Year! This pairing is packed with amazing genetics...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/01/15 23:35:25
Update: 2014 OS HY/Lemontree x Calico (price lowered) (topic)
UPDATE: Corrected Lucille's lineage information.  Thanks for catching that Matt!I've decided to part with one of the red neonates from my Lucille x Dupree clutch.  This pairing is LOADED with amazing lineage going back to 1970's Trooper...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


07/29/14 02:13:06
2012 male SOLD, Thanks MVF (topic)
This male is from my Calico OC/Manokwari pairing. Hatched 3/10/12 and should be ready to breed this fall. His Sire is from the Mandango/Kelme pairing, Dam is F2 Manokwari type..SOLDAvailable animal:Sire:Dam:Feel free to contact me at...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Vita Cernoch

01/03/14 21:11:09
Gone (topic)
Green Tree Pythons for sale


10/14/13 14:33:18
Calico OC x Merauke - SOLD (topic)
Thanks MVF
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Vita Cernoch

08/13/13 22:11:25
Jewel X D'Huez(Calico/Kelme) neonates.9/27 update new pics...lots of historic/designer blood in these neonates. Trooper Walsh, Van Mierop, Zulich, Calico (topic)
 The 2012-2013 pairing of Jewel (JL8.17.07 1-2) and D’Huez (MSBB0911) pairing resulted in 11 neonates (6 maroon/brown and 5 yellow). This clutch began pipping on February 17th of this year, and is 6 months old. I am going to offer two...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


05/20/13 18:08:21
Manokwari x Calico OC Male (topic)
This animals is from the 2012 Manokwari x Calico OC clutch. Sire MSBB0913 (Mandango x Kelme), Dam F2 Manokwari.Hatch date 3/10/2012.Price: $1600 + shipping.As a neoParentsContact me with any question vcernoch at gmail dot comPayment...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Vita Cernoch

04/28/13 15:57:48
Available Animal - Updated 4/11/13  (topic)
This animal is the result of a breeding loan between myself and Lord Walder.  It hatched on August 28th, 2012, and it is a solid feeder on frozen/thawed fuzzy mice from tongs.The sire is the original Prada Manokwari animal, and the dam...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Gary Schiavino

02/19/13 15:29:26