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HY offspring - New pics and pricing (Mar9) (topic)
All are aggressively feeding on frozen/thawed weanling mice.  All are easy to handle during the day (calm).  Some look like they may be going HY, but even the ones that don't the genetics are definitely there.  The last one (#05) has...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


09/15/13 17:46:27
One still available - All sold, thanks MVF.  (topic)
These two are both guarenteed healthy and extremely good eaters.  I won't be able to ship until around the end of May (payment plans accepted) but if you live in the New England area I can probably meet you for a delivery.NCC.11.13...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/23/13 00:05:55
OT - Make some Vanilla Screams!!!!!!!! (Stunning Fire F & Lemon Pastel Vanilla M)  (topic)
This is a hard one...I really had hoped on keeping this girl but as many of you know I have to relocate. This girl is absolutely the nicest Fire I've ever seen. Contact me at: (call, text or email)Jeff...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Jeff Godbold

01/06/13 16:11:40
High Yellow Biak Female-Picture Added  (topic)
2.5 year old female Biak type Chondro.  She's very snippy.  Would probably calm down quite a bit with regular handling, and is better once out of the cage.  She was better when I got her, but have had a little one since...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/05/13 01:37:06
green tree pythons for sale chondros for sale morelia viridis for sale  (topic)
We are trying to help search engines find the MVF classified section in an effort to promote captive husbandry of morelia viridis.  By clicking here it may have helped others find this classified area.  Feel free to click...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Morelia Viridis

01/02/13 16:29:47
Pure Lemon Tree female -SOLD  (topic)
Thanks for the inquiries MV nation,got to meet a couple new "freaks" in the business over this girl and fortunately for her she will be in good hands after she leaves our collection.Cant wait to see what the future holds for...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Brook Berntson

11/19/12 21:45:43
2012 Kofiau, aka canary chondro from solid, robust line. Post-holiday priced @ $1500  (topic)
dad meets daughter........and they like eachoth! 10/26Sorry for double pics!  Double clicking is automatic for me.....but in this case, results in double pics!Many more meals in this guy since below.  He/she is off to the...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


10/13/12 18:26:10
male 06 BIAK for sale  (topic)
This was my first GTP ....CBB 06. will eat any live rodent with gusto. I have been feeding him F/T small rats and F/T gerbilsbut those inexperienced with GTPs may find feeding him F/T a little tough. Defecates after every meal....
Green Tree Pythons for sale


08/26/12 22:49:50
Available animals  (topic)
I have a number of chondros way past ready to go that I've been wanting to sex and put up for sale.  I will get additional information and pics up as I have time. One the Dam's side is Ole Yeller blood from a female produced by Mark...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Keith Thompson

08/11/12 00:14:42
High Yellow line male price reduced!!, baby Gilas price reduced.  (topic)
    This is a Mayan son X Sunflower male (O.S. / Lemon x Biak) Here are the sire and dam making him! He has retained a nice amount of yellow, no inbreeding in this animal. $1600** shipped**. Hatched june 2010...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


02/17/12 23:35:16