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Gtp yearling eating issue (topic)
My gtp yearling that I got for about 2 weeks won't eat what should I be feeding and any tricks this is my first gtp
Morelia Viridis Forum


04/25/17 08:49:43
Advice for Beginner Green Tree Python Carer (topic)
Hi all, I just have a number of questions. I have read many forums and information on keeping some GTP's (chondro). Nothing really fits with where I live and I can't find much information. So I thought I would post here. I live in the...
Morelia Viridis Forum


10/02/16 11:25:35
Dry scales on belly (topic)
all of a sudden I've noticed my green tree Python has extremely dry scales on his upper body, only on his belly. Anyone have any idea what this is or what's causing it.. I know it's not because his cage is dry because I am keep the...
Morelia Viridis Forum


02/02/16 09:11:03
Morelia Viridis gtp green tree python (topic)
I have a green tree python around 5 months or so old. When I bought her at 3 months she had a slight discoloration of scales between her eyes. After two sheds it is now starting to look much worse and seems to be almost eating at her...
Morelia Viridis Forum


11/13/15 03:15:05
Looking into buying another chondro for my collection. No specific localities but not interested in biaks either. looking in the price range of 250-350 neonates are welcomed. Live in texas let me know what yall got.
Morelia Viridis Forum


01/15/15 21:28:54
Setting up for my first GTP! (topic)
Hello everyone! I'm planning on buying my first green tree python in the near future and I have a few questions for you all.  First off: how much should I be handling my gtp?  I'd like an animal that I can pull out every once and a...
Morelia Viridis Forum


05/08/14 23:42:37
Locality of Green Tree Python (topic)
Hi All, I was hoping you experts out there could be able to identify this Green Tree Python I purchased from my Local Pet Store, I purchased this GTP has a yearling and was told its a Sorong. please let me know your thoughts. 
Morelia Viridis Forum


09/02/13 20:36:18
TD 12.23 (topic)
Produced by Tad, this is a cyclops x cyclops. Thing took it's time to change (hatch date was March 2012) but now that it started it is going fast!Neo pic by TadToday
Morelia Viridis Forum


07/29/13 21:48:34
Herp Alliance Initiates Closure on Python Rule  (topic)
Herp Alliance Initiates Closure on Python Rule In early March 2013 the US Herpetoculture Alliance was made aware that there was a push being led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to garner support from environmental...
Morelia Viridis Forum

Matt Morris

04/04/13 21:43:40
WHY SLUGS?????  (topic)
I understand one or  two slugs....but  a whole clutch of probable slugs, especially in a virgin 4 year old 1000gm plus female really sucks.....  just wondering what is the current thinking about this. norm
Morelia Viridis Forum


02/01/13 05:06:25
Bad news for Texans.  (topic)
Well it seems that Texans are not immune to the "python hysteria" sweeping the nation. Looks like this nonsense is here to stay for awhile.THIS IS AN URGENT REQUEST BEING SENTTO THE HERP COMMUNITY We have red flags of alarm flying in...
Morelia Viridis Forum

Matt Morris

01/27/13 02:08:40
Maroon in adults?  (topic)
Does it exist?  Has anyone produced adults that retain the neonate red?  
Morelia Viridis Forum


01/10/13 20:41:38