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Wanted: a blue green tree Python (topic)
I need a child blue Python, or blue and green Python ,gender girl , nonvenomous willing to pay 400$ bronx new York here please send picture to [email protected] thank you
Green Tree Pythons for sale


07/03/16 23:15:19
Searching for a blue green tree python (topic)
Hi I am searching for a blue green tree python. Open on price. If you have any please contact me at 9547409581!
Green Tree Pythons for sale


02/16/16 14:09:14
Sale Green Python (topic)
Hi. I'm from Ukraine.I sell the 8 green tree python and anaconda 5. Write me an email [email protected] because go in other countries. Price: green tree python 800 $ -1000 $ Anaconda Paraguay 250 $ -300 $ Those who buy...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


09/10/15 00:02:46
sale Green Phyton (topic)
Hello, i'm from Ukraine, i have green phyto for sale and i have to sale anacondas. Please create e-mail for buy/sale. I bad speak English but i have translator. I have a 8 green tree phyton and 5 anacondas(notaeus) for sale. I need to...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


09/09/15 15:40:29
Looking to buy GTP (topic)
My name is Austin Bell. As of right now i have a baby red biak gtp. Looking for 1 possible 2 more gtp's to add to my collection. Im located in Maryland, so i am willing to travel somewhat on the east coast and if its to far i will need...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/04/15 09:29:07
2012-13 Biak x Nicoli HY line neos/yearlings: Mustard, Aru Male, '08 Blue Line 2.1 and other pythons! (topic)
I am offering a few animals up for adoption because I am in need of some funds to help pay for medical treatment I am soon to received for my Crohn's disease. This treatment is not covered by insurance so I need as much money put...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Andrew Lockhart

10/28/13 15:35:33
SOLD (topic)
ALL SOLD.  Thank you all! See you at ICAS.             Seth     
Green Tree Pythons for sale


07/13/13 20:06:16
Unique Jayapura x Biak OC  (topic)
Nice busy patterned Jayapura x Biak OC. Very tame, 100% healthy and problem free. He/she is eating f/t pinks every 5-7 days. Asking $500 plus shipping, great payment plan option available. Live arrival and satisfaction guaranteed. Lots...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


05/30/13 19:00:05
Red and yellow neos..All sold, thanks to everyone!  (topic)
I have five babies left from this years Cyclops x Blue line pairing.  The Sire is a Bushmaster Cyclops type and the Dam is a product of Greg Maxwell's 2006 Mojo x Blue Diamond pairing.  There were 18 babies total, 13 red and 5 yellow....
Green Tree Pythons for sale


05/15/13 00:02:58
Good Starter Entry Level Male from designer parents for sale (new animal posted 5/23)  (topic)
KT-10-03 Male Hatched 2010$300 plus shipping On the Dam's side is Ole Yeller blood from a female produced by Mark Twigg.  One the Sire's side is an animal produced my Mark Robinson from his OS HY Splash. This is a solid animal from two...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Keith Thompson

04/30/13 23:04:56
Manokwari x Calico OC Male (topic)
This animals is from the 2012 Manokwari x Calico OC clutch. Sire MSBB0913 (Mandango x Kelme), Dam F2 Manokwari.Hatch date 3/10/2012.Price: $1600 + shipping.As a neoParentsContact me with any question vcernoch at gmail dot comPayment...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Vita Cernoch

04/28/13 15:57:48
House of the Serpent: Available Green Tree Pythons (updated 8-14) (topic)
I have one remaining animal available from my 2011 pairing. He is doing well and has been problem free. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Short term payment plans available. Overnight shipping via FedEx within the US....
Green Tree Pythons for sale


03/07/13 20:23:05
For sale: 1 adult female chondro (topic)
Sold! Thanks Tad
Green Tree Pythons for sale


02/13/13 23:31:17
2008 Mack Male........ Reduced price !!!  (topic)
Offering up for sale is this boy produced by john and amy mack, he is in perfect health cruises every night eats well but prefers live and the one time I put him in with my vinsky girl he immediately went to work !!!!!!He was...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


02/10/13 23:33:48
Mite Phase Red GTP! [Sold]  (topic)
Beautiful late 2011 Biak x Merauke/Biak cross. A flawless animal with lots of black scales and still changing! Feeding on f/t hoppers, 100% healthy and hand tame. Asking 600 plus shipping. Contact me for more info and pics. Thanks,...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/19/13 13:56:58
FS: Male Green Tree Python High Yellow - sold!  (topic)
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/16/13 00:39:11
#1 position on Google "green tree python for sale"  (topic)
I just looked on my computer, not sure how it will pull up on others, but the MVF classified took the #1 position at that moment.  I hope this helps to promote captive breeders of green tree pythons.
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Morelia Viridis

01/14/13 19:17:04
sold thanks mikee  (topic)
Ok ive decided to part wit one red from gsas0803 x gm-08-39 clutch this is a great opportunity to own some new killer blood from two potent animals and from my understanding the first baby even offered from a carpetman x queen female!...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/10/13 01:40:39
Collection Sale! (All Sold, Thanks MVF)  (topic)
Due to a growing BP collection I'm selling some of my yearling and neo GTPs. All are 100% healthy, hand tame, and feeding on f/t mice every 5 days. Check out my iherp page and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Nima....
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/09/13 23:20:30
sold thanks everyone  (topic)
Making my last animal from rosie x fonzie pairing this by far is probably the most standout from that clutch and just gains yellows and color as he matures! Truly a gem and hammers f/t anything by sight feeding and breedable next season...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/07/13 23:39:19