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2014 Calico/Dream x Biak Female (Sold) (topic)
Sire and Dam aboveBreeder: Rolando "Rolo" Burgos Sire: Calico/Dream   Dam- Rico Biak  Sex- Female Hatch Date- 2014 Hatch Color - Yellow Price- $900.00 Tame and perfect in every way! I accept many different forms of payment and offer...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


06/26/16 22:08:53
Iso gtp (topic)
Looking to expand my gtp collection. Looking for any locality an paying between 250-350. live in Texas let me know what yall got!!!
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/15/15 22:48:15
The More Complete Chondro by Greg Maxwell (topic)
I have a copy of this fantastic book for sale. It is in excellent condition, and is complete with its dust jacket.I'm asking $60 shipped within North America. I'm located in Calgary, Alberta if you prefer pickup.Thanks, and have a...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


11/12/13 21:21:38
Radiant Heat Panels, Caging... (topic)
I have 1 of the Reptile Basics 80 Watt Radiant Heat Panels, asking $70 $40 on this one, less then a year old.  I also have some caging. I have 4 Vision model # 215 cages, asking $160 $125 each, and these would probably need to be picked...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


07/10/13 11:38:25
Price Reduction Jael x Caesar yearling Biak x Nicoli HY line Male OC 2012  (topic)
I have available a yearling yellow baby from last years clutch in 2012.  This has been a great feeder from the beginning.  The animal is not nippy but does love to eat and is currently feeding on F/T hoppers.  It just switched over from...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Andrew Lockhart

06/14/13 17:37:09
Jewel X D'Huez(Calico/Kelme) neonates.9/27 update new pics...lots of historic/designer blood in these neonates. Trooper Walsh, Van Mierop, Zulich, Calico (topic)
 The 2012-2013 pairing of Jewel (JL8.17.07 1-2) and D’Huez (MSBB0911) pairing resulted in 11 neonates (6 maroon/brown and 5 yellow). This clutch began pipping on February 17th of this year, and is 6 months old. I am going to offer two...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


05/20/13 18:08:21
Looking for a Yearling or older Female  (topic)
Looking for a female yearling or older GTP , preferably not a biak , but can be swayed if the price is right.  Please let me know if you have any. She will be joining a kofiauxbiak x meraukexbiak project so i would like to steer clear of...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


05/08/13 05:28:31
Beautiful Merauke x Cyclops OC (Sold!)  (topic)
Beautiful bright yellow Merauke x Cyclops cross with a great pattern. He/she is 100% healthy and very tame. Feeding on f/t pinks every five days. Asking $400. Please contact me with any questions and for more pics. Thanks, Nima.
Green Tree Pythons for sale


05/01/13 17:39:33
House of the Serpent: Available Green Tree Pythons (updated 8-14) (topic)
I have one remaining animal available from my 2011 pairing. He is doing well and has been problem free. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Short term payment plans available. Overnight shipping via FedEx within the US....
Green Tree Pythons for sale


03/07/13 20:23:05
Rodents!  (topic)
Hey there fellow chondro addicts! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now selling frozen rodents. At the moment, I am only offering rats but all sizes are availabe. We are still working on our mouse colony, but I will update...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


02/27/13 21:53:06
For sale: 1 adult female chondro (topic)
Sold! Thanks Tad
Green Tree Pythons for sale


02/13/13 23:31:17
'09 Spataro Price drop to $1500, $500 to Rico Recovery fund, SOLD, thanks Tyler, (  (topic)
Like Mike Rico, I'm trying to fund 2K of improvements to my other passion.This guy has a perfect temperament, great feeding response, great looks, and some solid genetics.  What more could you want?!He is a product of a  Calico...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


02/06/13 08:02:20
1.1 2012 DJJ x 88% Diamond Pythons *SOLD*  (topic)
A knowledge gentleman with excellent taste in Carpet Pythons has purchased this pair of what will be "Trophy" Animals.Thank you, everyone. This is my last pair of carpets available from 2012, and they are the best intergrades...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

Gary Schiavino

01/19/13 15:27:00
Mite Phase Red GTP! [Sold]  (topic)
Beautiful late 2011 Biak x Merauke/Biak cross. A flawless animal with lots of black scales and still changing! Feeding on f/t hoppers, 100% healthy and hand tame. Asking 600 plus shipping. Contact me for more info and pics. Thanks,...
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/19/13 13:56:58
FS: Male Green Tree Python High Yellow - sold!  (topic)
Green Tree Pythons for sale


01/16/13 00:39:11
3 Year Old Male Black Pearl x TW Line Available - JL1036 Sold (topic)
Clutch 6 – This clutch hatched on 9/16/10. 21 yellow neo’s. The Sire is RW 7.17.07 R1 (Jasper x Sapphire). The Dam is RW 6.8.03 L13 (Mr. Mitey aka. (TW10.98.MV) x Alexis). He (#17) is feeding on F/T jumbo mice every 10 days. All...
Green Tree Pythons for sale

John Leckie

11/13/10 16:01:47